The existing site for Joseph Ayo Babalola Miracle Camp falls within the Oriade Local Government Area of Osun State. lkeji-Arakeji is one of the many small settlements on the fringe of the mountain ridges geographically referred to as Yoruba Hills which stretch from ljesa land in Osun state to Ekiti and Ondo land in Ekiti and Ondo States respectively. Incidentally, lkeji-Arakeji is on the lower land that stretches from the eastern side of the hills to Ondo state, It is strategically located on a regional context. Being on a main arterial Federal road, lkeji-Arakeji is about 20 minutes drive to Akure the Ondo state capital. It is also about 20 minutes drive to llesa, about 40 minutes to Osogbo the Osun state capital and about 90 minutes and less than 3 hours drive to lbadan and Lagos respectively. Other molar medium sized urban centers within the region are lgbara-Oke, llaramokin, Ondo, lle-OIuji, ldanre in Ondo State; Ogotun, lgbaraOdo and llawe in Ekiti State. Other towns are Erin ljesa, lpetu Ijesa, Osu and lIe-Ife in Osun state. Most of these settlements are less than 20 kilometres to Ikeji-Arakeji

The approach to the camp is only by llesa -. Akure Federal road. There is no existing rail service to that part of Osun territory. In fact, the nearest rail line to the site is at Osogbo the Osun State capital and of course none in the adjacent Ondo and Ekiti States. There is of course a local airport at Akure which was of some advantage to the Camp in the days of its use. The camp was planned with the old Akure - llesa road traversing across it. This defined the historical linear settlement planning in the western part of Nigeria.


Map of osun State Showing Oriade Local Government Map of Ijesaland Showing major towns

Location Accessibility

The camp, about 70.764 Hectares of land is located on the eastern fringe of Ikeji-Arakeji and bounded at the extreme south by government forest reserves at the western fringe of Owena. At the Southern end, that is the side adjoining the Akure — llesa road is a natural road boundary while the northern part has a natural Opaya stream boundary. This stream actually demarcated the camp from the University land. The eastern part has a planned road (Millennium road) which serves as natural boundary to prevent encroachment. Accessibility to the camp site is through llesa .- Akure road which is 37km from Ilesa and 27km from Akure.

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