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 Within the cardinal mission of JABU, an institutional framework and procedure to ensure excellence in teaching and research, with a mandate to stimulate research experience in our University is the establishment of Research Administration Unit. Academic Research Unit works closely with Colleges and Departments to advance and co-ordinate research planning and activities. Sustained structure and process in research, as part of University’s strategic focus, defines a University’s core values.  Developing JABU’s strength, as a research-focus University ultimately adds value to the connection between research and teaching. It also sustain our “out-reach” to end-users. Research-led process, properly conceptualized, and operationalized is a self-propelling process of “two sides of a coin”; benefitting the system and the end-users. Undergraduates teaching is expected to be geared towards quality content delivery, but the content that is delivered must be “continuously shaped and contextualized by research”, (Babbie and Mouton 2001). Academic staff and students are thereby able to engage actively and rigorously in researches that generate new directions in research and teaching. Researchers therefore have a challenging role in contributing to a continuously renewed teaching content. The broad and specific activities of the Academic Research Unit are therefore expected to feed into the goals and objectives of the University’s Academic Quality Assurance.

Research Unit

Research Administration Unit oversees the sensitization for research activities and dissemination. In the spirit of Vision and Mission of the University, JABU should position itself as one the leading research institutions in Nigeria. Our University is on a vantage position to initiate collaborative research relations with both government agencies and private organizations around us. Business/Corporate, Scientific and Cultural Institutions are our potential research partners; given the University’s location. With the existence of new and diverse Colleges, Departments and Programs in the University, our research strengths are expected to be broad, collaborative and deepen.

Research is original investigation, undertaken in order to contribute to knowledge. As noted by (Babbie and Mouton 2001), it typically involves enquiry of an experimental or critical nature driven by hypothesis or intellectual positions, capable of rigorous assessment by experts in the given discipline.  Research work could be an independent or collaborative, creative or cumulative type, conducted with rigorous conceptual and methodological refinement. Its findings and outcomes must be of benefit for knowledge development, and to the end-users.  

Within the policy content and guidelines of a University’s research objectives, the requirement to undertake research must be seen as career expectations, and must be well-balanced with other obligations of academic staff including teaching and administrative responsibilities. In this sense, academics should be well sensitized, encouraged and supported to seek research funds in support of their research work.

Research Administration: role for Research Unit

Within the context of the University’s-wide research process and structure, policy and advice on research matters are expected to be coordinated through a number of bodies and committees.  For instance, “University’s Research and Management Committee” is expected to advise the Academic Board on research strategies to be pursued, develops research policy, including research orientations for our graduate students. Research activities of the Colleges and Department are fed into the strategic policy directions of University Research Management (URM).

The research Unit therefore provides research facilities for academic staff on the following, but not limited to these areas:

-          Assisting URM with coordinating research activities of its subcommittees, and monitoring both internal and external research policy development;

-          Facilitating the process of administering a dedicated Research Fund (URF);

-          Facilitating the process of internal  administration of “Performance- Based Research Seed” for Colleges  and Department;

-          Supporting and facilitating the process of securing external research fund from Public and Private Sectors;

-          Monitoring and reporting on externally funded research grants to the URM;

-          Providing professional development opportunities for academic staff.

While JABU Consult and HRM Board, for instance, remains the “consulting” arm of University’s outreach, their roles in supporting and facilitating academic research should be complimentary to the research unit, as highlighted above. Thus, the general principle that should govern research unit’s activities is that, it is intended to maximize a range of research outcomes from academic staff and graduate students research work.

Within the institutional processes of these three complimentary arms; to ensure research development, the University will therefore be able to enhance and stimulate its External Research and Consultancy Income (ERCI).This therefore involves developing the capacity for costing and pricing of research and consultancy, organization and administration of research activities and income. External Research and Consultancy Income (ERCI) could be described as any income which meets the “Performance-Based Research Fund” and thus form part of University’s income.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Research Performance.

The URM, through the Research Unit, should be enhanced to monitor and collate the research performances of Colleges and Departments, based on the agreed criteria and time frame, and will accordingly advise the URM on the outcome of the process.

 The research performance of individual academic staff in the department is to be co-ordinated and documented by respective HoDs, as part of Professional Development and Career Progression (PDCP) process. Academic staff is therefore expected to supply full and accurate details of their research outputs on annual basis via their HoDs to the Research Unit, and to be published annually as “JABU’s Research Output”. The process of Professional Development should involve preparing research plan and review of such plans on continuous basis. The process of identification and review should involve adequate consultation that entails the following: objectives of research, envisaged applications for external research funding, opportunities for research collaboration, timeliness, and expected outputs. Such consultations may also involve balancing other academic workload such as teaching, and administration; in considering research duties/training for career growth.


Enhanced-activities of the Research Unit for the University, raise the research profiles of the University; focusing on strengths in areas where our University wishes to develop and concentrate as research excellence. Research activities will help to position and promote our areas of research niche, and therefore further build our reputations and “vicibility”. Research activities serve as linkage for engaging with other research institutions, industries and public sectors. The mandates of the Research Unit are therefore expected to align with overall strategic interests of the University, which must also be central to the University’s Research Strategy, and aligns with the priorities and interests of research funders.










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