Dress Code

Dress Code

Introductory Statement

As Christians, whatever we do must be to the glory of God our creator. This is more particularly so in the way we dress. In many decided rape cases, judges have ruled that, the victims were accomplices, having induced their assailants by their mode of dressing and general appearances. The Yorubas also agree that the way one dresses generally, reflects on the way others perceive one – either with respect or disdain. A person who dresses like a hooligan is seen and treated as such; while a lady who dresses like a prostitute is seen and treated as such. When a woman dresses with half the breast bare and uncovered; when the stomach down to the abdomen is uncovered or when a skirt is so short that it leaves little or nothing to the imagination; or when sitted, exposes her underwear; all these amount to invitation to the opposite counterpart to buy sex for money or other favours such as marks.

Joseph Ayo Babalola University as a Christian University, determined to uphold purity and good conduct, has put in place a dress code that all students must comply with. Students are expected to dress formally between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on Campus.


1. Every student shall desire decency in dressing and appearance that presents the image of a cultured, educated person.
2. Moderation in dressing is a sign of good Christian upbringing. Extravagance in dressing is outward evidence of vanity. It is capable of leading youth astray especially when parents are unable to afford them. The insatiable love of extravagant and flamboyant attire, which cannot be supported, would lead male students to stealing and gansterism, while female students are lured into prostitution and even stealing!
3. The Bible enjoins Christians to avoid ostentatious and extravagant dressing. JABU students should therefore focus more on internal and eternal adornment of purity and love beyond outward extravagant adornment.
4. Dressing to the place of worship, for both male and female students, must be formal, whether they are native or European attire.


1. Skirts must be long enough to cover the knees while sitting or standing. If slitted, the slit must not go above the knees.
2. Blouses must cover the breasts down to the abdomen. Blouses must have enough sleeves to cover the bra straps.
3. Transparent dresses that reveal the underwear are not permitted outside halls of residence.
4. Tight fitting dresses are not similarly allowed outside the halls.
5. Female students are not allowed to wear knicker burgers and trousers outside their hall(s) of residence.
6. Christ Apostolic Church does not encourage the use of trinkets; students are therefore encouraged to imbibe this culture.
7. Pyjamas, nightgowns and bathroom slippers are not allowed outside the halls of residence.
8. Native attires that conform with above standards are permitted.
9. Heavy make-ups of varying shades and colours are not permitted.
10. Abnormal, coloured and long hairdos are not allowed.
11. Long (artificial or natural) nails are not allowed.
12. In general, moderation shall be the watch word.


1. Male students are required to dress preferably in conventional suit, French suit or minimally in trousers and tucked-in shirt with tie.
2. Boxers, T-shirts and all forms of Sandals or slippers are not allowed during official hours.(8.00am –5.00pm)
3. Tail shirts, especially those with long sleeves, must be tucked in and buttoned up to give respectability. Moving around campus with bare chest and belly is prohibited.
4. Hair must be properly cut and combed if long enough but must not be left shabby. Growing of beard is not allowed.
5. Bathroom slippers must not be worn outside the halls of residence.
6. Jeans that are threadbare or torn must not be worn.
7. Use of any form of female ornaments like ear rings, neck lace, bangles, and bracelets are prohibited.
8. Native attires that conform to the above standards are allowed.
9. Trousers should be properly worn. It should not be placed on the buttocks.


Lecturers and hall officials are empowered to prevent students who fail to meet the above dress code from attending lectures or participating in other activities.

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