CURRICULUM VITAE
                                                                                (ACADEMIC STAFF)

1.    Names in full:

2.    Place and Date of Birth:

3.    College:

4.    Department/ Unit:

5.    Nationality:

6.    Marital Status:

7.    Number and Ages of Children:

8.    Permanent Home Address:

9.    Present Postal Address:

10.    Date of First Appointment:

11.    Present Employment and Status:

12.    Date of Last Promotion:

13.    Educational Institutions Attended (with dates):

(a)    Primary:

(b)    Secondary:

(c)    Tertiary:

14.    Qualifications: (with dates):
(a)    Academic:

(b)    Others (if any):

15.     Awards & Distinctions:

16.     Membership of Professional Bodies:

17.    External Examinership:

(a)    Undergraduates:

(b)    Postgraduate:

18.    Employment Experience/Work History:

19.    Course Taught at the University Level:

(a)    Undergraduates Level:

(b)    Postgraduate Level:

20.    Postgraduate Supervision:

(a)    Masters degree:

(i)    Major Supervision:

(ii) Minor Supervision:
(b)    Ph. D degree:

(j)    Major Supervision:

        (ii) Minor Supervision:

21.    Research Grants and other Grants (specify amount):

22.    Publications:

(a)    Thesis / Dissertations:

(b)    Books (peer – reviewed):

(i)    Authored Books:

(ii) Edited Books:

(iii) Contribution(s) to Books:

(c)    Journal Articles (asterisk those that have appeared since your last promotion)
                    (d)Papers already accepted for publications (only in the last 3 years)
                   (e)Published Conference Proceedings:

23.     Peer Review Monographs:

24. Technical Reports:

25. Research in Progress:

(a)    Research completed but not yet published:

(b)    On-going research:

(c)    Manuscripts submitted for publication:

      26. Conference(s) Attended with Dates and / or Paper presented (non – scorable)

      27. Administrative Experience/ Other Activities:
(a)    Within the University:

(b)    Outside the University:

     28. Names and Addresses of three Referees

   Signature: _________________                          Date: ____________


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