JABU Built on Ethics, Godliness, and Hard work

JABU built on ethics, godliness, and hard work are the words of The Vice-Chancellor of Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Professor Alade Fakolujo, who reiterated hard work, godliness, and ethics as the tenets of the Institution. In his address at the 4th matriculation ceremony of the university’s Centre for Distance Learning (CDL), Fakolujo said “Joseph Ayo Babalola University is an educational institution built on hard work, godliness, and ethics”.

Speaking to the learners, the VC pointed out that the matriculation ceremony in all institutions of higher learning marks the formal admission of fresh learners into the institution hence; all learners must participate fully by swearing the Oath of Admission and signing the matriculation register to officially become bona fide learners of the institution.

Fakolujo assured the learners of the Institution’s commitment, hard work, determination, consistency, integrity, and brotherly love toward their academic excellence. “While studying here, we shall leave no stone unturned to equip you with the best possible training and exposure to prepare you for career growth and fulfilling life”.

He advised the new intakes to shun all vices commonly attributed to learners, especially during the time of revision and examination. Any form of misdemeanor by any you will attract sanctions like rustication or suspension, expulsion, as the case may be, he reiterated.

In his own words to the learners and the general audience, the Acting Director of the center, Dr. B.B. Omoniyi said “as we continue the implementation of our mandate to deliver world-class distance learning, we have commenced the process of validating three more programs namely; Computer Science, Public Administration, and MBA.” He assured the general public that human and material resources required to facilitate the three programs are available therefore, enrollment into the programs will commence next semester.