The Management of Joseph Ayo Babalola University, headed by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Alade Olasebikan Fakolujo signed a detailed outline of the comprehensive welfare packages as part of the commitment to nurturing a conducive and supportive environment for staff members of the University approved by the Governing Council of the University. This was contained in the recent memo sent to staff members by the Registrar of the University.

In the package policies, the Management made provision for monthly palliative stipends to every staff member. These stipends aim to provide additional financial support and to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the valued employees. In addition, the University offers a robust pension scheme wherein each staff member has the privilege of their own designated Pension Fund Administrator. This initiative ensures personalized pension management and financial security for workforce, even after retirement. Also, to support the staff during challenging financial times, the option for salary advancement is made available to allow staff members in need request advancements, to be repaid at their convenience in manageable installments.

Recognizing the challenges of commuting, especially from neighboring towns, the University provides on-campus accommodation to staff members who choose to reside there. This initiative alleviates the stress of daily travel, contributing to a more conducive work-life balance. To foster development and to encourage continuous learning, staff members are offered opportunities to further their education. They are supported in securing admissions in various reputable institutions, fostering professional growth and expertise within the workforce. In addition, study leave is granted to staff members willing to travel abroad for academic purposes. This enables them to expand their knowledge and expertise while contributing to the University’s academic prowess. Hence, the University, for personal or specific reasons, provides staff members with the option of requesting leave without pay. This provision allows flexibility for personal commitments while maintaining a connection with the University.

Furthermore, the Management, understanding the importance of health and well-being, provides sick leave with pay to staff members facing health challenges, ensuring they receive necessary support during their recovery period. The Management firmly believes that investing in the well-being of staff members and professional development is pivotal to the success and growth of the institution.