Learn more about our academic calendar for 2019/2020 academic session!


Monday, 7th October 2019          —              Resumption for 100 Level Students

                                                         —             Commencement of Registration for 100 Level Students

                                                         —             Release of 1st Semester Lecture Timetable


Saturday, 12th October 2019      —             Parents’ Forum

                                                         —             Resumption for 200 to 500 Level Students

                                                         —             Commencement of Registration and Lectures


Monday, 14th October 2019        —             Orientation Programme for 100 Level Students


Monday, 21st October 2019        —              Commencement of 1st Semester Lectures for 100 Level Students


Friday, 25th October 2019           —             End of Registration for 100 to 500 Level Students


Monday, 28th October 2019        —             Commencement of Late Registration for All Students

                                                         —             Mandatory Payment of #5,000 Late Registration Fee


Monday to Wednesday,                —             Orientation Programme for 100 Level Students and Direct Entry Students

4th to 6th November 2019


Friday, 8th November 2019          —             End of Add and Delete


Friday, 15th November 2019        —             Oba Oladele Olashore Memorial Lecture


Saturday, 14th December             —             Commencement of Christmas Break (Students)



Monday, 6th January 2020           —             Resumption After Christmas Break


Tuesday, 14th January 2020        —             Release of 1st Semester Examination Timetable


Monday to Friday,                          —             10th Convocation Ceremony

13th to 17 January 2020


Friday, 24th January 2020            —            End of 1st Semester Lectures

                                                           —            Matriculation Ceremony


Monday to Friday,                           —            Revision Week/Registration for Examination

27th to 31st January 2020


Monday, 3rd February 2020         —            Commencement of 1st Semester Examinations


Friday, 14th February 2020          —            End of 1st Semester Examinations


Monday, 17th February 2020       —            Commencement of 1st Holiday


Friday, 28th February 2020          —            Deadline for Submission of Results by Individual Lectures


Monday to Tuesday,                       —            Preparation of Master Mark Sheets/Vetting of Results

2nd to 3rd March 2020


Friday, 6th March 2020                 —             Release of 2nd Semester Lecture Timetable


Saturday, 7th March 2020            —             Parents’ Forum


Sunday, 8th March 2020               —             End of 1st Semester Holiday


Monday, 9th March 2020              —             Commencement of 2nd Semester

                                                          —            Commencement of 2nd Semester Registration and Lecture







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