College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences


Dr. D.S. Oyedele

Dr. D.S. Oyedele

Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

The College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences started from College of Natural Science and was established in the year 2006 as one of the pioneering colleges in the university. The college started its operation from one of the rooms in the senate building (currently occupied by dispatch unit at the Personnel Office). On the resumption of students in October 2006, the college administrative office was relocated to the first academic building (where college of social and management currently occupies). At the time, the college was made up of five departments namely, Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Chemical Sciences, Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Department of Physical Sciences. The five departments offer a combined total of ten programmes at undergraduate level namely, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Pure and Applied Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics. An degree in B.Sc., aimed at producing well trained manpower to meet the needs of the labour market and most importantly to prepare students to be self-reliant/employed, thereby becoming productive members of the society, is awarded at the end of each programme. In 2008, the college was moved to where it currently occupies. During these metamorphosis, late Professor A.A. Odutuga was the Dean and pioneer Dean of the college. His five year single tenure ended in year 2011 and Professor M.O. Oladimeji was appointed the second Dean of College of Natural Sciences. In 2012, Dr. L.E. Okoror was appointed an acting Dean of the college for a while. At the end of his time, Dr. O. Akinbuwa was appointed as an acting Dean. Professor A.A. Eludire, who was a doctor at the time of his appointment as Dean, is now a Professor of Computer Science. During his tenure, the college went through a reorganisation which brought about collapsing of some departments to one for administrative purpose. Those departments were the Department of Physical Science and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Professor A.A. Eludire was later commissioned for another assignment in the university. Dr. S.A. Owolabi was appointed to act as Dean of the college thereafter. Years after his appointment, the university underwent a restructuring process which brought about the merging of college of Agriculture with College of Natural Sciences. After his retirement from the university, Dr. (Mrs.) Awopeju was appointed to act in that capacity and later Dr. (Miss) Igbalajobi. She remained in that capacity until her resignation in August 2021. In September 2021, Dr. (Mrs.) Oyedele was appointed and she is currently the Acting Dean, of College of Agriculture and Natural Science.

Goals and Objectives

Developing programmes covering the broad areas of agriculture and natural sciences.

To turn out production-oriented graduates in agricultural and social sciences, using hands-on approach in training the graduates.

To train personnel capable of teaching and conducting relevant research in agricultural and natural sciences and also capable of taking up employment anywhere in Nigeria in related fields.

To produce graduates who will profitably put their skills into operation by establishing and operating their own enterprises.

To produce extension workers who should be able to communicate effectively with the wider public using their respective skills in their fields and taking cognizance of their present level of awareness.

To develop a virile agricultural and natural sciences extension mechanism that will adequately cater for the yearning of the wider public.

To conduct research in various aspects of agriculture and natural sciences.

To teach, mold and finally graduate job creators and not job seekers who would be the best qualities of graduates ever imagined anywhere in the world.

Goals and Objectives


To provide education in all agricultural and natural science fields and open continued opportunities for graduates of related disciplines in their various areas of enterprise as they relate to national, regional and universal need and goals. It is also intended to focus on the small scale and resource with a versatile knowledge from the pool of resources of the university and to extend this appropriate knowledge from the college for new innovations. A two-way process of activity involving visits and participatory activities for the wider public and the university is to be evolved.


The vision of the college is to be the foremost college of agriculture and natural sciences in this region and as a reference point the world over. To this end, it is expected that the college will produce well articulated graduates who will be job creators and employers of labor.


Departments in College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

Department of Agricultural Economics

Department of Agricultural Economics equips students with theoretical and practical tools required for application in the agricultural sector

Department of Animal Science                              

Department of Animal Science encompasses theoretical and practical knowledge in animal breeding, feeding, care, and management of animals

Department of Biochemistry

Department of Biochemistry offers theoretical and practical training in the study of chemical processes relating to living organisms

Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science offers strong background in the fundamentals of the theory of computation and algorithm       

Department of Crop Science                              

Department of Crop Science offers theoretical and practical modules to students for careers in sustainable crop-related field  

Department of Food Science and Technology

Department of Food Science and Technology provides theoretical and practical training on conversion of agricultural produce to food products

Department of Hotel Management and Tourism

Department of Hotel Management and Tourism offers studies in the oversight and administration of hotel operations and travel activities

Department of Industrial Chemistry     

Department of Industrial Chemistry applies chemical principles in industrial processes and prepares students for careers in chemical sectors

Department of Microbiology

Department of Microbiology offers training in the study of microorganisms, their structure, function, classification, and application

Department of Physics Electronics

Department of Physics Electronics offers training in physics and electronics, enabling students to analyse and design electronic circuits